Brunimat Milk vending machines

The BRUNIMAT milk vending machine came onto the market -  as first in Europe - in 1994. It is well known for its top swiss quality and reliability. This milk automat is suitable for the sale of raw milk and/or pasteurised milk in self-service. Location near the farmhouse or in a shop.

The Brunimat Milkshaker for the sale of a delicious milkshake in various flavors, freshly mixed right in the cup. The BRUNIMAT Milkshaker is perfectly suited as school milk dispenser. It may also be used in businesses, public swimming baths, and camping grounds. A power milk, be it a fruity school milk drink or natural, refreshing milk, strengthens body and mind and makes your performance soar!

Customer friendly - hygienic - 24hr Service - Self-service

Making milk sales and milk purchases fun!